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It has never been so easy to secure your applications with Single Sign-On and Two-Factor.

With Authelia you can login once and get access to all your web apps safely from the Web thanks to two-factor authentication.

Authelia is an open source authentication and authorization server protecting modern web applications by collaborating with reverse proxies such as NGINX, Traefik and HAProxy. Consequently, no code is required to protect your apps.

Multiple 2-factor methods are available for satisfying every users.

  • Time-based One-Time passwords with compatible authenticator applications.
  • Security Keys that support FIDO2 Webauthn with devices like a YubiKey.
  • Push notifications on your mobile using Duo.

Authelia is available as Docker images, static binaries and AUR packages so that you can test it in minutes. Let’s begin with the Getting Started.

However, Authelia…

  • OpenID Connect is still in preview.
  • is not a SAML provider yet.
  • does not support authentication against an OAuth or OpenID Connect provider yet.
  • does not support authentication against a SAML provider yet.
  • does not support using hardware devices as single factor.
  • does not provide a PAM module yet.

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