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OIDC Integrations

Note This is community-based content for which the core-maintainers cannot guarantee correctness. The parameters may change over time. If a parameter does not work as documented, please submit a PR to update the list.

Currently Tested Applications

Application Minimal Version Notes
Gitea 1.14.6  
GitLab 13.0.0  
Grafana 8.0.5  
Hashicorp Vault 1.8.1  
MinIO RELEASE.2021-11-09T03-21-45Z must set MINIO_IDENTITY_OPENID_CLAIM_NAME: groups in MinIO and set MinIO policies as groups in Authelia
Nextcloud 22.1.0 Tested using the nextcloud-oidc-login app - Link
Wekan 5.41  
Portainer CE 2.6.1 Settings to use username as ID: set Scopes to openid and User Identifier to sub

Known Callback URLs

If you do not find the application in the list below, you will need to search for yourself - and maybe come back to open a PR to add your application to this list so others won’t have to search for them.

<DOMAIN> needs to be substituted with the full URL on which the application runs on. If GitLab, as an example, was reachable under, <DOMAIN> would be exactly the same.

Application Version Callback URL Notes
Gitea 1.14.6 <DOMAIN>/user/oauth2/authelia/callback ROOT_URL in [server] section of app.ini must be configured correctly. Typically it is <DOMAIN>/. The string authelia in the callback url is the Authentication Name of the configured Authentication Source in Gitea (Authentication Type: OAuth2, OAuth2 Provider: OpenID Connect).
GitLab 14.0.1 <DOMAIN>/users/auth/openid_connect/callback  
Hasicorp Vault 14.0.1 <DOMAIN>/oidc/callback and <DOMAIN>/ui/vault/auth/oidc/oidc/callback  
MinIO RELEASE.2021-07-12T02-44-53Z <DOMAIN>/oauth_callback  
Nextcloud 22.1.0 + nextcloud-oidc-login app <DOMAIN>/apps/oidc_login/oidc  
Wekan 5.41 <DOMAIN>/_oauth_oidc  
Portainer CE 2.6.1 <DOMAIN>