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OIDC Integratins

Note This is community-based content for which the core-maintainers cannot guarantee correctness. The parameters may change over time. If a parameter does not work as documented, please submit a PR to update the list.

Currently Tested Applications

Application Minimal Version Notes
GitLab 13.0.0  
Grafana 8.0.5  
MinIO RELEASE.2021-07-12T02-44-53Z must set MINIO_IDENTITY_OPENID_CLAIM_NAME: groups in MinIO and set MinIO policies as groups in Authelia

Known Callback URLs

If you do not find the application in the list below, you will need to search for yourself - and maybe come back to open a PR to add your application to this list so others won’t have to search for them.

<DOMAIN> needs to be substituted with the full URL on which the application runs on. If GitLab, as an example, was reachable under, <DOMAIN> would be exactly the same.

Application Version Callback URL
GitLab 14.0.1 <DOMAIN>/users/auth/openid_connect/callback
MinIO RELEASE.2021-07-12T02-44-53Z <DOMAIN>/oauth_callback