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OIDC Integrations: Portainer


Note these setting have been tested with authelia v4.34.6 and Portainer (CE and EE) 2.12.2

Authelia config

The specific client config for portainer.

      - id: portainer_client_id
        description: Some description you want to shown on the Authelia consent page
        secret: some secret string which should also be entered in the portainer config
        public: false
        authorization_policy: two_factor
        audience: []
          - openid
          - profile
          - groups
          - email
        userinfo_signing_algorithm: none

Portainer config

To setup Authelia as SSO provider in portainer go to Settings > Authentication and select Authentication method OAuth and Provider Custom and make sure automatic user provision is turned so users get automatically created.

Note make sure that Redirect URL matches exacty the redirect_uris in authelia config. Use preferred_username as the User identifier which makes sure the portianer user and authelia user have the same username. Scopes should be openid profile groups email do not use commas