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Authelia can send emails to users through an SMTP server. It can be configured as described below.

# Configuration of the notification system.
# Notifications are sent to users when they require a password reset, a u2f
# registration or a TOTP registration.
# Use only an available configuration: filesystem, smtp.
  # You can disable the notifier startup check by setting this to true.
  disable_startup_check: false

  # For testing purpose, notifications can be sent in a file.
  ## filesystem:
  ##   filename: /config/notification.txt

  # Use a SMTP server for sending notifications. Authelia uses PLAIN or LOGIN method to authenticate.
  # [Security] By default Authelia will:
  #   - force all SMTP connections over TLS including unauthenticated connections
  #      - use the disable_require_tls boolean value to disable this requirement (only works for unauthenticated connections)
  #   - validate the SMTP server x509 certificate during the TLS handshake against the hosts trusted certificates
  #     - trusted_cert option:
  #       - this is a string value, that may specify the path of a PEM format cert, it is completely optional
  #       - if it is not set, a blank string, or an invalid path; will still trust the host machine/containers cert store
  #     - defaults to the host machine (or docker container's) trusted certificate chain for validation
  #     - use the trusted_cert string value to specify the path of a PEM format public cert to trust in addition to the hosts trusted certificates
  #     - use the disable_verify_cert boolean value to disable the validation (prefer the trusted_cert option as it's more secure)
    username: test
    # Password can also be set using a secret:
    password: password
    port: 1025
    # Subject configuration of the emails sent.
    # {title} is replaced by the text from the notifier
    subject: "[Authelia] {title}"
    # This address is used during the startup check to verify the email configuration is correct. It's not important what it is except if your email server only allows local delivery.
    ## startup_check_address:
    ## trusted_cert: ""
    ## disable_require_tls: false
    ## disable_verify_cert: false

Using Gmail

You need to generate an app password in order to use Gmail SMTP servers. The process is described here

    # Password can also be set using a secret:
    password: yourapppassword
    port: 587

Loading a password from a secret instead of inside the configuration

Password can also be defined using a secret.