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Authelia has the ability to check the system time against an NTP server. Currently this only occurs at startup. This section configures and tunes the settings for this check which is primarily used to ensure TOTP can be accurately validated.

In the instance of inability to contact the NTP server Authelia will just log an error and will continue to run.


  address: ""
  version: 3
  max_desync: 3s
  disable_startup_check: false
  disable_failure: false



type: string


required: no

Determines the address of the NTP server to retrieve the time from. The format is <host>:<port>, and both of these are required.


type: integer

default: 4

required: no

Determines the NTP verion supported. Valid values are 3 or 4.


type: duration

default: 3s

required: no

This is used to tune the acceptable desync from the time reported from the NTP server. This uses our duration notation format.


type: boolean

default: false

required: no

Setting this to true will disable the startup check entirely.


type: boolean

default: false

required: no

Setting this to true will allow Authelia to start and just log an error instead of exiting. The default is that if Authelia can contact the NTP server successfully, and the time reported by the server is greater than what is configured in max_desync that Authelia fails to start and logs a fatal error.