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The server section configures and tunes the http server module Authelia uses.


# Configuration options specific to the internal http server
  # Buffers usually should be configured to be the same value.
  # Explanation at
  # Read buffer size configures the http server's maximum incoming request size in bytes.
  read_buffer_size: 4096
  # Write buffer size configures the http server's maximum outgoing response size in bytes.
  write_buffer_size: 4096
  # Set the single level path Authelia listens on, must be alphanumeric chars and should not contain any slashes.
  path: ""

Buffer Sizes

The read and write buffer sizes generally should be the same. This is because when Authelia verifies if the user is authorized to visit a URL, it also sends back nearly the same size response (write_buffer_size) as the request (read_buffer_size).


Authelia by default is served from the root / location, either via its own domain or subdomain.


  path: ""

Modifying this setting will allow you to serve Authelia out from a specified base path. Please note that currently only a single level path is supported meaning slashes are not allowed, and only alphanumeric characters are supported.


  path: authelia