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Storage migrations are important for keeping your database compatible with Authelia. Authelia will automatically upgrade your schema on startup. However, if you wish to use an older version of Authelia you may be required to manually downgrade your schema with a version of Authelia that supports your current schema.

Schema Version to Authelia Version map

This table contains a list of schema versions and the corresponding release of Authelia that shipped with that version. This means all Authelia versions between two schema versions use the first schema version.

For example for version pre1, it is used for all versions between it and the version 1 schema, so 4.0.0 to 4.32.2. In this instance if you wanted to downgrade to pre1 you would need to use an Authelia binary with version 4.33.0 or higher.

Schema Version Authelia Version Notes
pre1 4.0.0 Downgrading to this version requires you use the –pre1 flag
1 4.33.0