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Build & Dev

Authelia is written in Go and comes with a dedicated CLI called authelia-scripts which is available after running source This CLI provides many useful tools to help you during development.

In order to build and contribute to Authelia, you need to make sure Go >= v1.16, Docker, docker-compose and Node >= v12 are installed on your machine.

Get started

Authelia is made of Go application serving the API and a React application for the portal.

In order to ease development, Authelia uses the concept of suites to run Authelia from source code so that your patches are included. This is a kind of virtual environment running Authelia in a complete ecosystem (LDAP, Redis, SQL server). Note that Authelia is hot-reloaded in the environment so that your patches are instantly included.

The next command starts the suite called Standalone:

$ authelia-scripts suites setup Standalone

Most of the suites are using docker-compose to bootstrap the environment. Therefore, you can check the logs of all application by running the following command on the component you want to monitor.

$ docker logs authelia_authelia-backend_1 -f

Then, edit the code and observe how Authelia is automatically reloaded.

Unit tests

To run the unit tests, run:

$ authelia-scripts unittest

Integration tests

Integration tests are located under the internal/suites directory and are based on Selenium. A suite is a combination of environment and tests. Executing a suite therefore means starting the environment, running the tests and tearing down the environment. Each step can be run independently:

# List the available suites
$ authelia-scripts suites list

# Start the environment of Standalone suite.
$ authelia-scripts suites setup Standalone

# Run the tests related to the currently running suite.
$ authelia-scripts suites test

# Tear down the environment
$ authelia-scripts suites teardown Standalone

In order to test all suites (approx 30 minutes), you need to make sure there is no currently running suite and then you should run:

$ authelia-scripts suites test

Also, you don’t need to start the suite before testing it. Given you’re not running any suite, just use the following command to test the Standalone suite.

$ authelia-scripts suites test Standalone

The suite will be spawned, tests will be run and then the suite will be torn down automatically.