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Getting Started

Docker Compose


These commands are to be run sequentially:

  • git clone
  • cd authelia/examples/compose/local
  • git checkout $(git describe --tags `git rev-list --tags --max-count=1`)
  • ./ sudo is required to modify the /etc/hosts file, the user will be prompted for access if not run as root

You can now visit the following locations; replace with the domain you specified in the setup script:

  • - Bypasses Authelia
  • - Secured with Authelia one-factor authentication
  • - Secured with Authelia two-factor authentication (see note below)

You will need to authorize the self-signed certificate upon visiting each domain. To visit you will need to register a device for second factor authentication and confirm by clicking on a link sent by email. Since this is a demo with a fake email address, the content of the email will be stored in ./authelia/notification.txt. Upon registering, you can grab this link easily by running the following command: grep -Eo '"https://.*" ' ./authelia/notification.txt.


So you’re convinced that Authelia is what you need. You can head to the deployment documentation here. Some recipes have been crafted for helping with the bootstrap of your environment. You can choose between a lite deployment which is deployment advised for a single server setup. However, this setup just does not scale. If you want a full environment that can scale out, use the HA or Kubernetes deployment documentation.