authelia-scripts certificates generate

authelia-scripts certificates generate

Generate a self-signed certificate

authelia-scripts certificates generate [flags]


      --ca                   Whether this cert should be its own Certificate Authority
      --dir string           Target directory where the certificate and keys will be stored
      --duration duration    Duration that certificate is valid for (default 8760h0m0s)
      --ecdsa-curve string   ECDSA curve to use to generate a key. Valid values are P224, P256 (recommended), P384, P521
      --ed25519              Generate an Ed25519 key
  -h, --help                 help for generate
      --rsa-bits int         Size of RSA key to generate. Ignored if --ecdsa-curve is set (default 2048)
      --start-date string    Creation date formatted as Jan 1 15:04:05 2011

Options inherited from parent commands

      --buildkite          Set CI flag for Buildkite
      --host strings       Comma-separated hostnames and IPs to generate a certificate for
      --log-level string   Set the log level for the command (default "info")


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