authelia-scripts hash-password

authelia-scripts hash-password

Hash a password to be used in file-based users database. Default algorithm is argon2id.

authelia-scripts hash-password [flags] -- <password>


  -c, --config strings    Configuration files
  -h, --help              help for hash-password
  -i, --iterations int    set the number of hashing iterations (default 3)
  -k, --key-length int    [argon2id] set the key length param (default 32)
  -m, --memory int        [argon2id] set the amount of memory param (in MB) (default 64)
  -p, --parallelism int   [argon2id] set the parallelism param (default 4)
  -s, --salt string       set the salt string
  -l, --salt-length int   set the auto-generated salt length (default 16)
  -z, --sha512            use sha512 as the algorithm (changes iterations to 50000, change with -i)

Options inherited from parent commands

      --buildkite          Set CI flag for Buildkite
      --log-level string   Set the log level for the command (default "info")


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