Troubleshooting Sanitization

This guide describes and helps users sanitize provided files to hide information for privacy.

Some users may wish to hide their domain in files provided during troubleshooting. While this is discouraged, if a user decides to perform this action it’s critical for these purposes that you hide your domain in a very specific way. Most editors allow replacing all instances of a value, utilizing this is essential to making troubleshooting possible.

General Rules

  1. Only replace the purchased portion of domains:
    • For example if you have and they should become and, i.e. replace all instances of with
  2. Make sure value replaced is replaced with a unique value:
    • For example if you replace with DO NOT replace any other value other than with The same rule applies to IP addresses, usernames, and groups.
  3. Make sure the value replaced is replaced across logs, configuration, and any references:
    • For example if you replace with in your configuration, make exactly the same replacement for the log files.
  4. Make sure this consistency is followed for all communication regarding a single issue.

Multiple Domains

Replacement Value: (where # is a unique number per domain)

In instances where there are multiple domains it’s recommended these domains are replaced with,, etc.

Specific Values