Say hello to the new website πŸ‘‹

June 15, 2022 in News by James Elliott 2 minutes

Introducing the new website

We’re pleased to have you take a look at our new website. It combines both the main landing site and the documentation all in one neat package. The website is using a Hugo theme called Doks.

This does change the development process for documentation slightly compared to what it was previously. However most of the changes will make it easier for most documentation contributors. This process is documented in the Documentation Contributing section. We will also be looking towards making all documentation changes getting quickly published to a staging site so they can quickly be seen by the maintainers and anyone else too lazy to follow the steps in the Documentation Contributing section command and check it out locally.

As part of this redesign we’ve taken the time to rewrite and reorganize key sections of the documentation. This may result in some links not working, however we’ve aimed to temporarily redirect links that previously worked to reduce the number of visitors being presented a 404.

In particular, you will see improvements in the following areas:

  • The integration documentation is a new area which replaces the deployment documentation:
    • There are several additional proxies
    • There are several additional deployment scenarios
    • It’s much better organized
    • There are lots of additional links to additional resources to help people find the configuration that suits them
    • Several of the proxy configurations have been refreshed to make them more modern
    • Some additional docs for k8s now exist
  • The roadmap is now heavily documented with stages for areas which require it
  • Many areas previously located in the configuration docs have moved into integration docs as that’s a more appropriate area
  • The contribution docs have been slightly tidied up

You may have also noticed we launched a new blog! This blog will be used to communicate key things about the future of Authelia as well as key things we believe the Authelia community needs to know about. You can subscribe to this blog via the RSS Feed. We may introduce a mail list for the blog sometime in the future.