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Authelia title

Protect your applications with Single Sign-On and 2 Factor.
Authelia is an open-source full-featured authentication server available on Github .

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Single Sign-On

Enable your users to login once and access everything.

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Secure Authentication

Protect your applications with the highest security standards.

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Kubernetes Ready

Run Authelia on bare metal or Kubernetes in high availability.

Available Features

Authelia is an open-source server providing a login portal and treating authentication requests in cooperation with NGINX.

Username / Password

Authelia allows users stored in a LDAP to provide their username and password as first factor.

Intuitive UI

Authelia offers a login portal to allow your users to login once and access everything.

Universal 2nd Factor

Authelia supports U2F security keys like Yubikeys as second factor.

One-Time Passwords

Authelia supports time-based one-time passwords generated by Google Authenticator.

Password Reset

Authelia let your users reset their passwords with email confirmation in a few clicks.

Per-resource authorizations

Authelia let you define fine-grained authorizations for every resources served by your various subdomains.

Login Regulation

Authelia regulates the number of login attempts made by a user to avoid brute force attacks.

High Availability

Authelia can be configured to be highly available and scalable and run on Kubernetes or any cluster.