The Authelia team consists of 3 globally distributed developers working actively on improving Authelia in our spare time and we define our priorities based on a roadmap that we share here for transparency. We also try to balance features and improvements as much as possible with the maintenance tasks we have to perform to keep the backlog of open issues in a reasonable state. If you’re willing to contribute and help us move forward faster, get in touch with us on Matrix. We’ll be glad to share ideas and plans with you.

Important Notes

It’s important to note that the versions listed on a roadmap item unless noted as completed are an intended estimation. Plans may change and we may potentially forget to update the version. If you feel we’ve forgotten please feel free to let us know via a GitHub Discussion or one of the Chat options.


This is a summary of the features which are currently on the roadmap with links to further details:

  1. WebAuthn
  2. OpenID Connect 1.0 Provider
  3. Internationalization or Multilingual Support
  4. Multiple Domain Protection
  5. Control Panel / Dashboard for User Settings
  6. Control Panel / Dashboard and CLI for Administration Settings
  7. Kubernetes Documentation