Authelia is an open-source authentication and authorization server and portal fulfilling the identity and access management (IAM) role of information security in providing multi-factor authentication and single sign-on (SSO) for your applications via a web portal. It acts as a companion for common reverse proxies.

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Open-source Apache 2.0 Licensed. GitHub v4.37.5

Lightweight ðŸŠķ

With a compressed container size smaller than 20 megabytes and observed memory usage normally under 30 megabytes, it's one of the most lightweight solutions available.

Blazing Fast ⚡

Written in Go and React, authorization policies and many other backend tasks are completed in mere milliseconds and login portal loading times of 100 milliseconds makes it one of the fastest solutions available.

Efficient â™ŧ

Processors can use a lot of electricity, but when idle usage is basically so low that you can't measure it, and active usage in a small business environment being under 1% you can rest easy (with the exclusion of password hashing).

Security by Design 🔒

Not just another IAM portal, security is heavily considered as part of our design process.

Login Regulation ðŸ›Ąïļ

Prevent brute force login attempts by only allowing a certain number of logins before the user is locked for a period.

Password Reset 📧

In-built support for users to reset their LDAP or internal passwords with email validation right from the web interface.

Single Sign-On 🎟ïļ

Allow your users the convenience of just being required to login once to a wide range of web applications via a session cookie, OpenID Connect 1.0, or Trusted Headers.

Authorization Policies ðŸ‘Ū

Control which users and groups have access to which specific resources or domains with incredibly granular policy definitions.

Identity Validation ✔

Users who have not configured a second-factor device are required to validate their identity via an email reducing the chance an attacker could exploit a lazy user.

Scalability ⚙

Designed with high availability in mind, deployment options exist to easily allow multiple parallel containers on lifecycle management platforms like Kubernetes.

Multi-Factor Authentication 🗝ïļ

Support for multiple second-factor methods including One Time Passwords, Mobile Push Notifications, and WebAuthn.

Intuitive User Interface ðŸ’Ą

The login portal is super straight forward and the workflow is completely transparent to your users.

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Help support the team developing Authelia by becoming a financial contributor.


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