Where the Money Is Used

Financial contribution methods on the Authelia GitHub repositories and on the Authelia website are always utilized in the development of Authelia in some way. None of the money is utilized for any personal expense. The Authelia maintainers are unpaid.

At this stage the usage of money donated has been minimal with only a single instance of money being used. This money was voluntarily given to security researchers who discovered a vulnerability which has since been fixed. This exchange was not prompted by any bug bounty program as we do not have one, but we hope to in the future.

Potential usage for the money, ranked in order of priority:

  1. Put Authelia through a comprehensive Security Audit.
    1. Audit of Code Security via Analysis.
    2. Audit via Penetration Testing.
  2. Bug Bounty Program.

How to Contribute Financially

Please visit Open Collective in order to financially contribute to Authelia.


Authelia is sponsored by several companies via indirect means. These companies deserve a special mention since their contributions are very important to us but not easily visible.

If you feel you have a product or service that Authelia could benefit from please feel free to contact us.

We are currently directly looking for someone to sponsor:

To see a list of our sponsors please see the sponsors section on the about page.