Security Key

Authelia supports hardware-based second factors leveraging FIDO2 WebAuthn compatible security keys like YubiKey’s.

Security keys are among the most secure second factor. This method is already supported by many major applications and platforms like Google, Facebook, GitHub, some banks, and much more.

A YubiKey Security Key
A YubiKey Security Key

Normally, the protocol requires your security key to be enrolled on each site before being able to authenticate with it. Since Authelia provides Single Sign-On, your users will need to enroll their device only once to get access to all your applications.

2FA WebAuthn Registration View
The WebAuthn Registration View

After having successfully passed the first factor, select Security Key method and click on Register device link. This will send you an email to verify your identity.

NOTE: This e-mail has likely been sent to the mailbox at if you’re testing Authelia.

Confirm your identity by clicking on Register and you’ll be asked to touch the token of your security key to complete the enrollment.

Upon successful enrollment, you can authenticate using your security key by simply touching the token again when requested:

2FA WebAuthn Authentication View
The WebAuthn Authentication View

Easy, right?!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I register multiple FIDO2 WebAuthn credentials?

Yes, as of v4.38.0 and above Authelia supports registering multiple WebAuthn credentials as per the roadmap.

Can I perform a passwordless login?

Not at this time. We will tackle this at a later date as per the roadmap.

Why don’t I have access to the Security Key option?

The WebAuthn protocol is a new protocol that is only supported by modern browsers. Please ensure your browser is up to date, supports WebAuthn, and that the feature is not disabled if the option is not available to you in Authelia.

Can my FIDO U2F device operate with Authelia?

At the present time there is no plan to support FIDO U2F within Authelia. We do implement a backwards compatible appid extension within Authelia however this only works for devices registered before the upgrade to the FIDO2 WebAuthn protocol.

If there was sufficient interest in supporting registration of old U2F / FIDO devices in Authelia we would consider adding support for this after or at the same time of the multi-device enhancements.