Last updated on March 14, 2024


If you believe you have identified a security vulnerability or security related bug with Authelia please view our security policy.

Individual Team Members

If you’re interested in contacting an individual team member for any reason please see the About informational page.



The GitHub Discussions forum is the correct location to discuss anything that is not a bug or feature request such as:

  • Ideas about future features where it’s not clear most people can use it (allows users to vote on it)
  • Questions / Support Requests
  • Sharing configuration or utilization ideas (i.e. show your setup) for things that are not obvious
  • Any issue you’re experiencing that may or may not be a bug (i.e you’re unsure if it’s a bug)


If you have found a bug or have a feature request please visit GitHub Issues and once you’ve checked an existing bug or feature request has not been lodged feel free to lodge your own.

Bug reports should be reserved for bugs with Authelia, not for issues with the documentation or problems with integration. If you are having an issue with one of these areas please utilize discussions or one of the chat methods.


Authelia has a community chat service which can either be accessed via Matrix or Discord.


The Matrix chat is organized into a space which can be accessed at The space contains the following rooms:

Room Description Support Chat Contributing / Development Chat Off Topic Chat


Discord can be accessed via The channels in Discord are bridged to the Matrix Rooms with the same names providing they exist.


To contact the team for anything not security related you can utilize .

For all security related matters over email please ensure you use .