What is Authelia?

Authelia is a project with several open source developers who contribute to the project in their free time. We are not a company or another type of incorporated entity, and do not have any monetization model. Individuals and Organizations are free to contribute financially or with their time to the documentation or code base.


The following section describes the various teams within the Authelia project.

Core Team

The Core Team are effectively members of the Maintainers Team with extra responsibilities.


  • All responsibilities of the Maintainers Team
  • Review and merge pull requests from all other teams
  • Handle vulnerability and security related bug reports
  • Handle project governance unanimously
  • Maintain the project roadmap
  • Coordinate collaboration
  • Maintain the continuous integration and delivery pipelines and related mechanisms


Maintainers Team

The Maintainer Team are traditional repository maintainers.


  • Review and merge pull requests from external parties
  • Respond to bug reports, feature requests, discussions, and support chat rooms



Authelia is sponsored by the organizations listed below. The organizations below sponsor us completely voluntarily and do not expect anything additional other than us mentioning them or having a code of conduct, and some do not even require either of those things.

Please see the sponsorship section of the financial contributing page for more information on how to become a sponsor.


Our apt repository is hosted thanks to Balto.


Our continuous integration and continuous deployment pipelines are hosted by Buildkite.


Our localization platform is hosted by Crowdin.


Our development IDE’s are provided by JetBrains.


Our pipeline agents which we rely on for productivity are hosted on Azure and our git repositories are hosted on GitHub which are both Microsoft products.


Our website and documentation are built and hosted by Netlify.

Governance and Affiliations

Authelia is free from any outside governance and is entirely governed as outlined on this page, in addition we do not have any affiliations which have ever asked this of us.

Our affiliations with external companies will be transparently communicated in this section and the sponsors section.


The following section contains various compliance related information.

Key Individuals

There is no key individual who if they were incapacitated or unavailable would prevent future operations of the project.

All of the following areas can be reset or are otherwise accessible to all of the members of the Core Team:

  • Private Keys
  • Access Rights
  • Passwords

Bus Factor

The Authelia team has a bus factor of 3. Meaning that the project would stall if 3 team members were suddenly hit by a bus.