Dashboard / Control Panel for Users

A dashboard or control panel for users to adjust their settings is easily one of the most impactful features we can implement.

This feature will pave the way to adding lots of useful user facing features.

It will be important when we implement:

  • WebAuthn features like passwordless authentication allowing users to intentionally register a passwordless credential.
  • Session management features.
  • Many other user self-service related features.

This feature should not be confused with the Dashboard / Control Panel for Administrators which is the dashboard for managing the system settings, as this feature is for the user self-managing their own settings instead of the system settings.


This section represents the stages involved in implementation of this feature. The stages are either in order of implementation due to there being an underlying requirement to implement them in this order, or in their likely order due to how important or difficult to implement they are.

Initial Implementation

in progress v4.38.0

Add control panel with the ability to control all of the current settings, with the added benefit of being able to register multiple WebAuthn keys.

Users should also be able to view all of their registered devices, and revoke them individually.

Password Reset

not started

Add a method for users to reset their password given they know their current password.

Language Option

not started

Allow users to override the detected language in their browser and choose from one of the available languages.

Session Management

not started

Add ability for users to view their own sessions and end them.

Much More

The practical usage of this is endless.