Multi Domain Protection

We have seen and heard the feedback from our users and we are acting on it. This feature is being prioritized. Allowing administrators to protect more than one root domain utilizing a single Authelia instance is going to be a difficult feature to implement but we’ll actively take steps to implement it.


This section represents the stages involved in implementation of this feature. The stages are either in order of implementation due to there being an underlying requirement to implement them in this order, or in their likely order due to how important or difficult to implement they are.

Decide on a Method


We need to decide on a method to implement this feature initially and how it will finally look to provide SSO between root domains.

UPDATE: The initial implementation has been decided as well as the SSO implementation.

Decide on a Session Library

in progress

We need to make a choice going forward about what method we will use to manage cookies and sessions. The current library has many drawbacks that just are not satisfactory in order to easily facilitate this.

Initial Implementation

complete v4.38.0

This stage is waiting on the choice to handle sessions. Initial implementation will involve just a basic cookie implementation where users will be required to sign in to each root domain and no SSO functionality will exist.

SSO Implementation

not started

The SSO implementation will leverage OpenID Connect to perform Single-Sign On.