This can easily be done in the web interface and automatically adapt to the users browser.


This section represents the stages involved in implementation of this feature. The stages are either in order of implementation due to there being an underlying requirement to implement them in this order, or in their likely order due to how important or difficult to implement they are.

Initial Implementation

complete v4.34.0

This stage will add the ability to easily translate the web interface in all views.

Crowd Translation Service


This stage will configure the Authelia repository to be easily translatable via a crowd sourced translation platform.

Implemented: You can now help translate Authelia by checking out the Translations Contributing Guide.


in progress v4.39.0

Add a language picker to the web interface. The picker will be a per-browser choice which overrides the browser language advertisement as the language of choice for that browser. The information will be stored in the browser local storage implementation.


There will be an ongoing effort to keep the interface translated.