Authelia has a layered configuration model. This section describes how to implement the environment configuration.

Environment variables are applied after the configuration file meaning anything specified as part of the environment overrides the configuration files.

Please Note: It is not possible to configure the access control rules section or OpenID Connect identity provider clients section using environment variables at this time.


The environment variables must be prefixed with AUTHELIA_. All environment variables that start with this prefix must be for configuration. Any supplied environment variables that have this prefix and are not meant for configuration will likely result in an error or even worse misconfiguration.


Please see the Kubernetes Integration: Enable Service Links documentation for specific requirements for using Authelia with Kubernetes.


Configuration options are mapped by their name. Levels of indentation / subkeys are replaced by underscores.

For example this YAML configuration:

  level: info
  read_buffer_size: 4096

Can be replaced by this environment variable configuration: