This section details common configuration elements within the Authelia configuration. This section is mainly used as a reference for other sections as necessary.

Duration Notation Format

We have implemented a string/integer based notation for configuration options that take a duration of time. This section describes the implementation of this. You can use this implementation in various areas of configuration such as:

  • session:
    • expiration
    • inactivity
    • remember_me_duration
  • regulation:
    • ban_time
    • find_time
  • ntp:
    • max_desync
  • webauthn:
    • timeout

The way this format works is you can either configure an integer or a string in the specific configuration areas. If you supply an integer, it is considered a representation of seconds. If you supply a string, it parses the string in blocks of quantities and units (number followed by a unit letter). For example 5h indicates a quantity of 5 units of h.

While you can use multiple of these blocks in combination, ee suggest keeping it simple and use a single value.

Unit Legend

UnitAssociated Letter


Desired ValueConfiguration Examples
1 hour and 30 minutes90m or 1h30m or 5400 or 5400s
1 day1d or 24h or 86400 or 86400s
10 hours10h or 600m or 9h60m or 36000

Regular Expressions

We have several sections of configuration that utilize regular expressions. It’s recommended to validate your regex manually either via tools like Regex 101 (ensure you pick the Golang option) or some other means.

It’s important when attempting to utilize a backslash that it’s utilized correctly. The YAML parser is likely to parse this as you trying to use YAML escape syntax instead of regex escape syntax. To avoid this use single quotes instead of no quotes or double quotes.

Good Example:

domain_regex: '^(admin|secure)\.example\.com$'

Bad Example:

domain_regex: "^(admin|secure)\.example\.com$"

TLS Configuration

Various sections of the configuration use a uniform configuration section called TLS. Notably LDAP and SMTP. This section documents the usage.


string not required

The key server_name overrides the name checked against the certificate in the verification process. Useful if you require to use a direct IP address for the address of the backend service but want to verify a specific SNI.


boolean false not required

The key skip_verify completely negates validating the certificate of the backend service. This is not recommended, instead you should tweak the server_name option, and the global option certificates directory.


string TLS1.2 not required

The key minimum_version controls the minimum TLS version Authelia will use when opening TLS connections. The possible values are TLS1.3, TLS1.2, TLS1.1, TLS1.0. Anything other than TLS1.3 or TLS1.2 are very old and deprecated. You should avoid using these and upgrade your backend service instead of decreasing this value.