Duo / Mobile Push

Authelia supports mobile push notifications relying on Duo.

Follow the instructions in the dedicated documentation for instructions on how to set up push notifications in Authelia.

Note: The configuration options in the following sections are noted as required. They are however only required when you have this section defined. i.e. if you don’t wish to use the Duo push notifications you can just not define this section of the configuration.


  disable: false
  hostname: 'api-123456789.example.com'
  integration_key: 'ABCDEF'
  secret_key: '1234567890abcdefghifjkl'
  enable_self_enrollment: false


This section describes the individual configuration options.


boolean false not required

Disables Duo. If the hostname, integration_key, and secret_key are all empty strings or undefined this is automatically true.


string required

The Duo API hostname. This is provided in the Duo dashboard.


string required

The non-secret Duo integration key. Similar to a client identifier. This is provided in the Duo dashboard.


string required

Important Note: This can also be defined using a secret which is strongly recommended especially for containerized deployments.

The secret Duo key used to verify your application is valid. This is provided in the Duo dashboard.


boolean false not required

Enables Duo device self-enrollment from within the Authelia portal.