This section covers the accessibility guidelines we aim to respect during development.


There are no specific guidelines for backend accessibility other than ensuring there are reasonable logging and this is extremely subjective.



We aim to ensure as much of the web frontend information displayed to users is translated by default. This allows for both automatic and manual translations by the community to be contributed to the code base. In addition it allows for admins to locally override these values.

Responsive Design

We aim to make the web frontend responsive to multiple screen resolutions. There are a few guidelines which we aim to abide by:

  • The available space is utilized efficiently in order to avoid scrolling where possible.
  • The user only has to scroll in one direction to view available information. This direction should always be vertically.

Recommendations on resolutions which are common:

  • Desktop/Laptop:
    1. 1920x1080
    2. 1366x768
    3. 2560x1440
    4. 1280x720
  • Tablet Devices (With Touch and Landscape):
    1. 768x1024
    2. 810x1080
    3. 800x1280
  • Mobile Devices (With Touch and Landscape):
    1. 360x800
    2. 390x844
    3. 414x896
    4. 412x915