This section covers the environment we recommend for development.

Authelia and its development workflow can be tested with Docker and Docker Compose on Linux.


In order to build and contribute to Authelia, you need to make sure the following are installed in your environment:

The additional tools are recommended:


There is a scripting context provided with Authelia which can easily be configured. It allows running integration suites and various other tasks. Read more about it in the authelia-scripts reference guide.


Do you support development under Windows or OSX?

At the present time this is not officially supported. Some of the maintainers utilize Windows however running suites under Windows or OSX is not something that is currently possible to do easily. As such we recommend utilizing Linux.

What version of Docker and docker-compose should I use?

We have no firm recommendations on the version to use but we actively use the latest versions available to us in the distributions of our choice. As long as it’s a modern version it should be sufficient for the development environment.

How can I serve my application under example.com?

Don’t worry, you don’t need to own the domain example.com to test Authelia. Copy the following lines in your /etc/hosts: home.example.com login.example.com singlefactor.example.com public.example.com secure.example.com mail.example.com mx1.mail.example.com

The IP address is the IP attributed by Docker to the reverse proxy. Once added you can access the listed subdomains from your browser, and they will be served by the reverse proxy.