Pull Request

Pull Request guidelines are in place in order to maintain consistency and clearly communicate our process for processing merges into the master branch.


Squash Merge

Every Pull Request will be squash merged into master. This requires the Pull Request branch to be up-to-date with the master branch.

Force Push

Please do not force push to your PR’s branch after you have created your PR especially when a maintainer has either performed a review or has indicated they are performing a review, as doing so makes it harder to review your commits accurately. PRs will always be squashed by us when we merge your work. Commit as many times as you need in your pull request branch.

A few exceptions exist to this rule and are as follows:

  • Making adjustments to the commit message i.e. for the following reasons:
  • To rebase your changes off of master or another branch


Every Pull Request will undergo a formal review process. This process is heavily complicated if you rewrite history and/or perform a force push, especially after a maintainer has started a review. As such we request that any action that you merge origin/master into your branch to synchronize your commit after the initial review and any other action that rewrites history.


The following requirements must be met for a pull request to be accepted. This list also acts as a checklist for maintainers in their review process.

  • The changes must be documented if they add or change behavior
  • The changes must meet the following guidelines:
  • The changes adhere to all of the relevant linting and quality testing automations
  • The pull request closes related issues by mentioning them appropriately
  • The contribution adhere to the security by design principles by:
    • Setting secure defaults
    • Disallows critically insecure settings
    • Requires explicit awareness by users that specific settings may reduce security
  • Potential future items:
    • Contribution includes REUSE-compliance requirements