Reference: authelia-scripts

Authelia comes with a set of dedicated scripts to perform a broad range of operations such as building the distributed version of Authelia, building the Docker image, running suites, testing the code, etc. This is a small reference guide for the command, the full guide can be found in the CLI Reference.


Those scripts become available after sourcing the script with:


Then, you can access the scripts usage by running the following command:

authelia-scripts --help

For instance, you can build Authelia ([go] binary and [React] frontend) with:

authelia-scripts build

Or build the official [Docker] image with:

authelia-scripts docker build

Or start the Standalone suite with:

authelia-scripts suites setup Standalone


The authelia-scripts provides help using the --help or -h flags. Every command should provide some form of help when provided with either flag. Examples:

authelia-scripts --help
authelia-scripts build --help