authelia crypto hash generate

authelia crypto hash generate

Generate cryptographic hash digests


Generate cryptographic hash digests.

This subcommand allows generating cryptographic hash digests.

See the help for the subcommands if you want to override the configuration or defaults.

authelia crypto hash generate [flags]


authelia crypto hash generate --help


  -h, --help                       help for generate
      --no-confirm                 skip the password confirmation prompt
      --password string            manually supply the password rather than using the terminal prompt
      --random                     uses a randomly generated password
      --random.characters string   sets the explicit characters for the random string
      --random.charset string      sets the charset for the random password, options are 'ascii', 'alphanumeric', 'alphabetic', 'numeric', 'numeric-hex', and 'rfc3986' (default "alphanumeric")
      --random.length int          sets the character length for the random string (default 72)

Options inherited from parent commands

  -c, --config strings                        configuration files or directories to load, for more information run 'authelia -h authelia config' (default [configuration.yml])
      --config.experimental.filters strings   list of filters to apply to all configuration files, for more information run 'authelia -h authelia filters'