authelia storage encryption change-key

authelia storage encryption change-key

Changes the encryption key


Changes the encryption key.

This subcommand allows you to change the encryption key of an Authelia SQL database.

authelia storage encryption change-key [flags]


authelia storage encryption change-key --config config.yml --new-encryption-key 0e95cb49-5804-4ad9-be82-bb04a9ddecd8
authelia storage encryption change-key --encryption-key b3453fde-ecc2-4a1f-9422-2707ddbed495 --new-encryption-key 0e95cb49-5804-4ad9-be82-bb04a9ddecd8 postgres --postgres.password autheliapw


  -h, --help                        help for change-key
      --new-encryption-key string   the new key to encrypt the data with

Options inherited from parent commands

  -c, --config strings                         configuration files or directories to load, for more information run 'authelia -h authelia config' (default [configuration.yml])
      --config.experimental.filters strings    list of filters to apply to all configuration files, for more information run 'authelia -h authelia filters'
      --encryption-key string                  the storage encryption key to use
      --mysql.database string                  the MySQL database name (default "authelia") string                      the MySQL hostname
      --mysql.password string                  the MySQL password
      --mysql.port int                         the MySQL port (default 3306)
      --mysql.username string                  the MySQL username (default "authelia")
      --postgres.database string               the PostgreSQL database name (default "authelia") string                   the PostgreSQL hostname
      --postgres.password string               the PostgreSQL password
      --postgres.port int                      the PostgreSQL port (default 5432)
      --postgres.schema string                 the PostgreSQL schema name (default "public")
      --postgres.ssl.certificate string        the PostgreSQL ssl certificate file location
      --postgres.ssl.key string                the PostgreSQL ssl key file location
      --postgres.ssl.mode string               the PostgreSQL ssl mode (default "disable")
      --postgres.ssl.root_certificate string   the PostgreSQL ssl root certificate file location
      --postgres.username string               the PostgreSQL username (default "authelia")
      --sqlite.path string                     the SQLite database path