Log Messages

Request Header Too Large

The request header too large error with a status code of 431 indicates the HTTP request made to Authelia had headers exceeding the server read buffer parameter.

Usually the defaults are sufficient however some applications cause fairly large headers to be added to requests.

It’s suggested you increase the read buffer configuration option (by either doubling or quadrupling it) in order to alleviate this issue or use the reverse proxy to remove the excessive headers which are causing this issue.

It’s generally recommended the write buffer is also increased.

User Has Been Inactive Too Long

An error with the text User john has been inactive for too long where john is the username indicates the user did not decide to utilize the remember me option, and their session has not been used for more time than is configured in the session inactivity configuration option.

This error can safely be ignored as it is meant to be informative. You can reduce this error from occurring by adjusting the session inactivity configuration option or by having users select the remember me box.