Server Asset Overrides

This section contains reference documentation for Authelia's server asset override capabilities.

This guide effectively documents the usage of the asset_path server configuration option.


├── favicon.ico
├── logo.png
└── locales/<lang>[-[variant]]/<namespace>.json


AssetFile NameDirectoryNotes
Translation LocaleslocalesYessee locales


Important Note Currently users can only override languages that already exist in this list either by overriding the language itself, or adding a variant form of that language. If you’d like support for another language feel free to make a PR. We also encourage people to make PR’s for variants where the difference in the variants is significant.

Important Note Users wishing to override the locales files should be aware that we do not provide any guarantee that the file will not change in a breaking way between releases. Users who planning to utilize these overrides should either check for changes to the files in the en translation prior to upgrading or Contribute their translation to ensure it is maintained.

The locales directory holds folders of internationalization locales. This directory can be utilized to override these locales. They are the names of locales that are returned by the navigator.langauge ECMAScript command. These are generally those in the RFC5646 / BCP47 Format specifically the language codes from Crowdin.

Each directory has JSON files which you can explore the format of in the internal/server/locales directory on GitHub. The important part is the key names you wish to override.

A full example for the en-US locale for the portal namespace is locales/en-US/portal.json.

Languages in browsers are supported in two forms. In their language only form such as en for English, and in their variant form such as en-AU for English (Australian). If a user has the browser language en-AU we automatically load the en and en-AU languages, where any keys in the en-AU language take precedence over the en language, and the translations for the en language only applying when a translation from en-AU is not available.


Each file in a locale directory represents a translation namespace. The list of current namespaces are below:

portalPortal Translations

Supported Languages

List of supported languages and variants:

DescriptionLanguageAdditional VariantsLocation
Swedishsvsv-SE (Sweden)locales/sv/*.json
Chinese (Traditional)zh-TWN/Alocales/zh-TW/*.json