This guide highlights information about Authelia's branding assets.


The images are currently licensed under the same Apache 2.0 as everything else in the repository. It is kindly requested however that with all of our branding that without explicit contrary permission users only use the images and only make modifications that are in harmony with the following rules which are not intended to restrict usage unreasonably and are only intended to preserve the Authelia branding identity:

  1. They do not unreasonably alter the quality of the branding:
    • Image size changes should be done only when the size is appropriate for the intended display scenario.
    • Compression should not be applied overly aggressively for the intended display scenario.
  2. The changes do not unreasonably alter the design of the branding and should fit one or more of the following categories:
    • Layout
    • Format
  3. They are not used in a way that would indicate affiliation or endorsement by Authelia.
  4. They are not used in exchange for trade or financial reimbursement as they are intellectual property of Authelia.

Examples of changes which fit these categories include:

  • Adjusting the Spacing Around Images
  • Adjusting the Size of the Images
  • Saving the Images in Another Format
  • Saving the Images with a Different Compression

If you have a particular adjustment you’d like to make that does not fit within these categories we kindly request that you discuss it with the team in advance. It is likely that all reasonable requests will be added to this list in some way.


The assets utilized for branding Authelia can be found in the below locations.

The logo is just the Authelia circle logo without any text.

Logo Files


Logo Example

Authelia Logo

Logo (Cropped)

The logo is the same as the standard logo without padding.

Logo (Cropped) Files


Logo (Cropped) Example

Authelia Logo


The title is the Authelia circle logo with the authelia branded text.

Title Files


Title Example

Authelia Title