NGINX Proxy Manager

A guide on integrating Authelia with NGINX Proxy Manager.

NGINX Proxy Manager is supported by Authelia. It’s a NGINX proxy with a configuration UI.

Important: When using these guides it’s important to recognize that we cannot provide a guide for every possible method of deploying a proxy. These guides show a suggested setup only and you need to understand the proxy configuration and customize it to your needs. To-that-end we include links to the official proxy documentation throughout this documentation and in the See Also section.


While this proxy is supported we don’t have any specific documentation for it at the present time. Please see the NGINX integration documentation for hints on how to configure this.

Get Started

It’s strongly recommended that users setting up Authelia for the first time take a look at our Get Started guide. This takes you through various steps which are essential to bootstrapping Authelia.


NGINX Proxy Manager supports the required NGINX requirements for Authelia out-of-the-box.

Trusted Proxies

Important: You should read the Forwarded Headers section and this section as part of any proxy configuration. Especially if you have never read it before.

To configure trusted proxies for NGINX Proxy Manager see the NGINX section on Trusted Proxies. Adapting this to NGINX Proxy Manager is beyond the scope of this documentation.

See Also