This is a guide on integration of Authelia and Organizr via the trusted header SSO authentication.

As with all guides in this section it’s important you read the introduction first.

Tested Versions

  • Authelia:
    • v4.35.5
  • Organizr:
    • 2.1.1890

Before You Begin

This example makes the following assumptions:

  • Application Root URL:
  • Authelia Root URL:
  • Reverse Proxy IP:


To configure Organizr to trust the Remote-User and Remote-Email header do the following:

  1. Visit System Settings
  2. Visit Main
  3. Visit Auth Proxy
  4. Fill in the following information:
    1. Auth Proxy: Enabled
    2. Auth Proxy Whitelist:
    3. Auth Proxy Header Name: Remote-User
    4. Auth Proxy Header Name for Email: Remote-Email
    5. Override Logout: Enabled
    6. Logout URL:

See Also

Organizr does not appear to have documentation around their Auth Proxy configuration.