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Before You Begin

Common Notes

  1. The OpenID Connect 1.0 client_id parameter:
    1. This must be a unique value for every client.
    2. The value used in this guide is merely for demonstration purposes and you can theoretically use nearly any alphanumeric string.
  2. The OpenID Connect 1.0 secret parameter:
    1. The value used in this guide is merely for demonstration purposes and you should absolutely not use this in production and should instead utilize the How Do I Generate Client Secrets FAQ.
    2. This string may be stored as plaintext in the Authelia configuration but this behaviour is deprecated and is not guaranteed to be supported in the future. See the Plaintext guide for more information.
  3. The Configuration example for Authelia is only a portion of the required configuration and it should be used as a guide in conjunction with the standard OpenID Connect 1.0 Configuration guide.


This example makes the following assumptions:

  • Application Root URL:
  • Authelia Root URL:
  • Client ID: minio
  • Client Secret: insecure_secret



To configure MinIO to utilize Authelia as an OpenID Connect 1.0 Provider:

  1. Login to MinIO
  2. On the left hand menu, go to Identity, then OpenID
  3. On the top right, click Create Configuration
  4. On the screen that appears, enter the following information:
    • Name: authelia
    • Config URL:
    • Client ID: minio
    • Client Secret: insecure_secret
    • Claim Name: Leave Empty
    • Display Name: Authelia
    • Claim Prefix: authelia
    • Scopes: openid,profile,email
    • Redirect URI:
    • Role Policy: readonly
    • Claim User Info: Disabled
    • Redirect URI Dynamic: Disabled
  5. Press Save at the bottom
  6. Accept the offer of a server restart at the top
  7. When the login screen appears again, click the Other Authentication Methods open, then select Authelia from the list.
  8. Login


The following YAML configuration is an example Authelia client configuration for use with MinIO which will operate with the above example:

    ## The other portions of the mandatory OpenID Connect 1.0 configuration go here.
    ## See:
    - id: minio
      description: MinIO
      secret: '$pbkdf2-sha512$310000$c8p78n7pUMln0jzvd4aK4Q$JNRBzwAo0ek5qKn50cFzzvE9RXV88h1wJn5KGiHrD0YKtZaR/nCb2CJPOsKaPK0hjf.9yHxzQGZziziccp6Yng'  # The digest of 'insecure_secret'.
      public: false
      authorization_policy: two_factor
        - openid
        - profile
        - email
        - groups
      userinfo_signing_algorithm: none

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